Are You Going to Eat All That?

I recently attended a family gathering. The table was adorned with various dishes and desserts. Not being shy about my appetite, I took the plunge and topped my plate with generous helpings of my favorite dishes. Not so much that the rest of my family would starve, but enough so that I wouldn't.

By this time, all eyes were on me. Bear in mind, I am not a pig. I just don't see the point in being modest. If I'm hungry, I eat. It's a healthy habit that more celebrities should practice. That's why I was oddly amused when a family member asked, "Are you going to eat all that?" with obvious disapproval in their tone. What did they think I was planning to do with the food, send a care package to Alaska?

After that (non isolated) incident, I began to think about people's obsession with critiquing how much full figured women (and men) eat. Why does everyone want to peek at what is on the fat girl's plate? Maybe it's because that's where all the good food is (wink, wink). What do you think?


Fall's Hottest Makeup Trends

I'll admit that when I saw celebrities like Mia Tyler rocking the smoky eye look, I thought, "I guess the domestic abuse look is in this season." As much as it aches my ego to do so, I must retract my previous position on the subject. That's right, I'm a convert!

The "eyes" have it with this fall's makeup trend. It's all about dark, smoldering, exotic eyes. Those dramatic eyes are evened out with soft lips and toned-way-down cheeks. If you have very fair skin, you shouldn't go quite as heavy on the dark shadow, as this can make you look tired and washed out. Instead, try using warm browns and medium greys, and deep mascara to complement your complexion. Gals with more pigmentation can usually get away with a full onslaught of deep browns, greens, and grey eyeshadow. Don't forget to liven up those lashes!

To recreate the smoky eye look, recommends Fusion Beauty full Out Pout ($49), LORAC Starry-Eyed Baked Eyeshadow Trio ($24), and Sephora Lash Plumper ($16). I personally didn't want to spend that much money during my experimentation phase. So, guess what I did. Give up? Okay, I'll spill. I hit up E.L.F. Cosmetics for their Earth & Water Mascara Duo, Hypershine Gloss - Joy,and Brightening Eye Color - Luxe. All of which cost me a whopping...$3.00! Not too shabby.


Woman's Must-Have: Spanx Body Shaping Pantyhose

Where has the Spanx body shaping pantyhose been all my life? I have Spanx Hide and Sleek High-rise Plus Size shape wear. They have been a god-send to my body! I love the tummy control they give. I've never felt more comfortable in an undergarment until Spanx Plus Size Shape wear.

Spanx body wear makes you look and feel great. One of the great things about Spanx body wear is that it doesn't leave lines. Plus it doesn't roll up your legs cutting off your circulation! It also gives you more confidence in your clothing. No "sagginess" here. Spanx gives a nice lift and shape your your backside. Whichever product you choose as an undergarment, try Spanx and you won't be disappointed.


Fall Trends in Plus Size Fashion

Autumn has nearly arrived. You know what that means, don't you? Fall fashion is being presented! And what a presentation it is.

This fall you can expect some exciting choices in plus-size fashion. Do yourself a favor and trade in those boring black numbers for some vibrant print and curvaceousness.

This fall season is all about flaunting your curves and spicing up your look with color. You can expect to see low, plunging necklines and Y-necklines to accentuate cleavage.

Forget about camouflaging your waistline. The floral print flutter-sleeve shirt
iconfrom Lane Bryant's fall collection is a perfect example of flaunting your figure in a colorful, modern way, as is the Houndstooth twin print babydoll top
iconfrom that collection.

Following the trend of playing up your curves, the high-waisted
iconand straight leg pant styles are back. These two styles are offering more versatility than ever this season.


Beauty Tip of the Day

I recommend washing the face with Dove soap and mild exfoliating spong. This cleansing technique removes dirt and oil, and reveals a brighter, healthier complexion. Follow up with a light facial moisturizer.

Full Figured and Beautiful!

The full figured woman wears a crown of beauty all her own. She can't and won't be judged by the size of her body, mass index, or height. We want the world to get to know us for who we are and not for who they think we are.

We are not trying to be the girl next door because we are happy being who we are. Strong, beautiful, and smart women. Be happy! Be proud of yourself. You're a superstar! Carefully crafted and made to withstand the wind and rain. Believe and trust in your self.